WeTransfer helps you send big files, simply

22 Jul 2013
by Startup4me
WeTransfer Service

Sending big files has always been a struggle even though we have now better bandwith & faster Internet. You never know if the recipients will receive your files. Really, today, sending important files to a client or a partner can be a nightmare. It has changed with the web service WeTransfer.

You can now send for free up to 2GB to several recipients, add a message and get email alerts when someone download your content. As the Amsterdam startup says on its website : “you send it, we transfer. No hassle. No stress. No charge.

Their Business Model is simple : Nice full screen ads paid by advertisers and a Premium version called WeTransferPlus that allows companies to:

  1. send up to 5GB.
  2. personnalize the background
  3. personnalize the URL
  4. add a protection password
  5. a 50GB storage space

I think this is really interesting for digital and communication agencies.

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