Hi and welcome on Startup4Me :)

Startup4Me is an international jobboard dedicated to startup jobs. Launched in January 2012 by a team of funky geeks, we are now in Germany, United-Kingdom, France and we’re expanding ! Here is our story.

Why launching a startup jobboard ?
It’s simple ! Today, startups are huge sources of development, innovation and solutions for a better world. Startups have the ability to create great products, services and applications that change our lives. Helping startups to hire the best talents is our way to contribute to this innovation.

Startups must hire good talents to survive.
It’s nothing new, hiring good people is key for the success of a startup. But today, founders find it really hard to do it. Several solutions exist on the market but they have poor design, are expensive or have a very local presence. Enter Startup4Me. We want to propose startups throughout the world a good and free solution for posting job offers, search profiles on a qualified CV database and find the right people.

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Cheers !

Eric, creator of Startup4Me