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11 Nov 2013
by Startup4me
Inventorum is hiring talents in Berlin

Inventorum is hiring talents in Berlin !

Inventorum is a Berlin startup which powers a disruptive Ipad application for small and medium retailers. Their all-in-one mobile application give you a cash register, a barcode scanner, an inventory and reporting tool. A nice feature is the ecommerce integration that allows you to publish with one finger tip your products on eBay and other websites.

Now, the company is hiring several profiles : sales representative, executive assistant, a customer support manager, developer …


10 Nov 2013
by Startup4me
Paris in Pad is hiring a Business Entrepreneur

Paris in pad is hiring a Business Entrepreneur in Paris

You have good sales skills, like Paris and the traveling business ? This job opportunity will interest you : this nice startup based in the french capital is looking for a Business Entrepreneur.

Paris in Pad helps hospitality and tourism companies (hotels, traveling, museum, restaurants …) create innovative digital applications to improve their service and bring more value to the customer.

Check out the job offer now

29 Oct 2013
by Startup4me
All-Together is hiring a sales assistant near Paris

All-Together is hiring a sales assistant near Paris

“Together is better”

The french startup All-Together is a disruptive social network allowing you to make new friends by sharing activities and passions IRL (In Real Life) like sport, food, music or art. Sign up now and you’ll be able to find a tennis partner, find another Jay-Z’s Fan to go to his next concert or a cheese lover for a great lunch.

The Paris startup is growing and now hiring a sales assistant.

The mission ? Find cool new partnerships for the final users. Check the job offer now !

07 Oct 2013
by Startup4me
Check out the french hiring startups list

Check out the french hiring startups list

France is the land of many promising startups. More and more french companies like Deezer, Criteo, Venteprivee, Winamax are disrupting their markets with great apps and services. In this secret list, you’ll find established startups and the next generation of killa firms. For each startup, you got a link to its current job openings. Just take a look right now, maybe you’ll find your next job !

The French hiring startups list.

02 Oct 2013
by Startup4me
UNOW is hiring a Business Developer Intern in Paris

UNOW is hiring a Business Developer Intern in Paris

Education is a field with constant innovation with products and services like elearning and recently MOOC concepts (Massive Open Online Courses) like Skillshare, Coursera or EdX. In Paris, a startup called UNOW is disrupting the local market by setting strong partnerships with local elite schools like Centrale Lille, EM Lyon or FBS.

Now, they need to grow faster and look for a intern Business Developer to:

  1. promote the brand
  2. find new partnerships
  3. work on the business plan
  4. manage press relations and social media communication

For more info, Apply Now (in French).

01 Oct 2013
by Startup4me
itembase startup is hiring in Berlin

Itembase is hiring startup rockstars in Berlin

Imagine a world where you can organize your online shopping, keep track of your items’ value and get rid of the useless stuff in 1 click ? This is what proposes Itembase, the Berlin startup. With that smart shopping manager, you’ll be able to collect all your purchases, see the value of your items, keep the manuals, warranties and sell items quickly on eBay for example. You’ll also see what your friends are buying and have access to their want list.

Now, the founder Stefan Jorgensen and his team are hiring interns and full-time talents in sales, customer support and development to boost the startup growth. Take a look Inside the company with this video below and apply now.


Firstride is hiring startup talents in Bangalore

Firstride is hiring talents in Bangalore

Looking for a new car to buy can’t be a real hustle. With more and more brands and models, it’s easy to get lost in this metallic jungle. Firstride startup in Bangalore, India, wants to disrupt the market by proposing a simple and fast test drive booking service. Choose the brand, model, fuel type, city and date and you’re done. You’ll be able to test models from many brands including Chevrolet, Renault, Volkswagen, Toyota, the local Tata and find the car of your dream.

Now, the team is looking for a full-time UI Designer and a full-time PHP Developer to put their service to the next level. Apply now here.

26 Sep 2013
by Startup4me
ComiXology is hiring a senior PHP developer

ComiXology is hiring a senior PHP Developer in NYC

The Man of Steel, The Dark Knight, Thor, Flash, SpiderMan, Captain America … These are the heroes and the products of ComiXology, a New-York startup based in the heart of Manhattan. Their job is to provide the best digital comics platform for fans of Marvel, DC and other comics.

Now, the startup CEO David Steinberger and his team wants to boost its comic reading experience by hiring a senior PHP Developer. You’re a talented developer and love comics, bagels and great jokes ? Read this job offer now !

25 Sep 2013
by Startup4me
Niland is hiring a lead developer

Niland music startup is hiring a lead developer in Paris

Music has always been a great field of innovation for startups. From music devices to online services, we all have in mind several big brands like Napster, Last.fm, Deezer, Grooveshark, Shazam or Spotify. We can now easily buy, listen, create, share, transfer, store, stream and recognize Music. There is one field that French startup Niland is trying to disrupt : Music discovery & recommendation.

They propose several technologies that allows users to discover new musics systematically. They’ve build a audio learning machine, algorithms and a powerful search engine to improve the music discovery experience.

Now, they’re hiring a full-time Lead Developer in Paris to work on PHP/Symfony, Amazon EC2, Angular JS, C++ and Python.

Interested ? Read the job offer now !

360Learning is hring a VP Marketing

360Learning is hiring a VP Marketing

360Learning is a young and innovative startup in Paris. They’re completely disrupting the elearning market with their intuitive elearning solution that enables anyone in a company to create and share an elearning class. Powered with a saas infrastructure, the company is doubling its revenues each quarter.

They’ve just raised some VC money and are now looking for a talented VP Marketing to build the marketing unit. Interested ? Apply now (in French).

24 Jun 2013
by Startup4me
The latest Startup jobs

The latest Startup jobs, June 2013

New-York City
Decision Desk is hiring a lead web application developer
Decision Desk is hiring a junior lead web application developer
Applico is hiring a Business Development Manager
Bytemark is hiring a Back-End Developer
Enigma.io is hiring a full-time software engineer

Bankin is hiring a user acquisition manager
SmartCloud is hiring a sales manager
MasterCourses is hiring a UX/UI designer intern
Matchou is hiring a cofounder in sales

PressMatrix is hiring a head of B2B Marketing
Fab.com is hiring a Transportation coordinator
FoodPanda is hiring a online marketing intern
Datapine is hiring a head of IT Management

Insorce is hiring a asp.net MVC programmer
MyPref is hiring a sales ideation manager

RouteRank is hiring a sales executive
50Nights is hiring a PHP Developer cofounder
Diamond Heels is hiring a finance controlling intern

Farmigo is hiring a kick-ass java developer
BannerPlay is hiring a web developer

Abbie & Rose is hiring a sales associate

Ciao !


30 May 2013
by Startup4me
Enigma is hiring !

Latest New-York Techcrunch Disrupt winner Enigma is hiring talents !

Startup4Me is slowly but surely spreading abroad and now in New-York. I’m proud to announce that startup Enigma.io is now hiring talents on our NYC jobsite.

Enigma is an online service that allows you to tap into public datas sources (quite hard to obtain) to play with figures, detect & discover trends, measure social and economic phenomenons, all that with a smart and simple User Interface. Now, the startup has raised $1.45 million in seed stage funding and needs talents to grow.

Wanna learn more ? Check out the Techcrunch Startup Battlefield video or the jobs openings on Startup4Me NYC.

29 May 2013
by Startup4me
The latest Startup jobs

The latest Startup Jobs, May 2013

Hi Funky Startupers ! Check out the latest May startup openings :

Multiposting is hiring a full-time Business Developer in Paris
Blood, Sweat & Cheers is hiring a full-time Account Manager in New-York
ThinkFul is hiring a full-time junior software engineer in NYC

Cuponation is hiring a full-time CRM Manager
Enabee is hiring a full-time Director of Sales
TradeMob is hiring a full-time head of campaign manager

BeautyKafe is hiring a full-time PHP Developer in Mumbai
Sashay Labs is hiring a co-founder experienced Android app developer

Big Moustache is hiring a webdeveloper intern
Swaaper is hiring a CTO
IamAlaMode is hiring a co-founder
ClickLab is hiring a communication intern

That’s it for today startupers ! Have a good day !


29 Apr 2013
by Startup4me
The latest Startup jobs

The latest startup jobs, April 2013

The latest startup jobs april 2013

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Hi, check out the latest startup jobs :

Blip.TV is hiring developers, engineers and a digital traffic coordinator in New-York
Fab.com is hiring product managers, customer care, finance and marketing guys in Berlin
Typhon is hiring a system administrator in Paris

More …
Mister Spex is hiring interns and full-time developers, sales and customer care in Berlin
Abbie&Rose is hiring a freelance sales associate in Brussels
Madmagz is hiring a sales intern in Paris
SmartPlace is hiring a sales guy in Paris
Abionic is hiring a biology R&D Manager in Switzerland
SenseFly is hiring a communication manager in Switzerland

That’s it for today startup ninjas ! Thanks for spreading the word about us.

Creator of Startup4Me.


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23 Jan 2013
by Startup4me
SuitArt is hiring

Swiss Clothing Startup SuitArt is hiring a marketing intern

Swiss Clothing Startup SuitArt is hiring a marketing intern. The company propose custom-tailoring for unique clothing. Here is how they work : To the point as custom-tailors ought to be, we take in account your body form and your posture. For that SuitArt uses over 30 body measurements to tailor your suit. Additionally we take a photo at your visit in our shop from your shoulder posture, to have more indications to consider the tailoring. Because we take the measurements so precisely, we give you a 100% satisfaction-guarantee. Apart from that SuitArt offers services even after your purchase.

Convinced ? Read the job offer


24 Oct 2012
by Startup4me

London startup “Startup Stay” is looking for a great CTO

Startup Stay is like “Couch Surfing for entrepreneurs”. It’s a comunity for entrepreneurs who travel (stay with, host or meet for coffee like-minded entrepreneurs). Based in London, the website have more than 4000 active members now. The founders are actively looking for a talented CTO to take in charge the web and mobile strategy as well as leading a team developers.

Check this out now : http://startup4me.com/uk/jobs/chief-technical-officer/

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